Any Swiss Army knife to use GPT-4 with API key?

Hi! I have an API key for GPT-4, which I have used with Drafts actions and PopClip.

I wonder if there are any Mac and iOS tools that provide some GUI for your API key usage, e.g. letting you save prompts, share text with other applications and so on. I prefer software from indie developers with a fair price (most apps seem to provide access to LLM with a hefty cut for the developer), native Mac interface and no interest in my personal data. I am aware of the recent Microsoft apps with access to GPT-4.

Thanks for help!

SwiftGPT, MacGPT, and ChatGPT are all available. I like SwiftGPT the best, I think, but I haven’t used any of the extensively:

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Also, SpellboundAI is pretty good for interfacing with other apps:

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TypingMind is available with a Setapp subscription and accepts the API key (and fees for usage per ChatGPT pricing). I think there are others as well.

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