Brett's Favorites 2023

Welcome to my yearly post about stuff I’ve loved in the last year. I love doing this because it reminds me how amazing the Mac/iOS app ecosystem is these days. I can’t list every app I use in this post, it would take forever, but I can highlight some of the outstanding ones. I’m going to do this all in one epic post this year. It’s going to get long. You could always use Gather to convert it to Markdown, and then make use of all of Marked’s navigation tools 😇.

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading this year’s roundup. Feel free to call out your own faves here!

(BTW, I missed a few Setapp apps in the original posting. A total of 15 apps in this list are all on Setapp.)

that’s been a helpful post for a few years running. thanks Brett!

it raises a question, which i could morph into a new thread if needed. Screens and Tailscale. Screens has been working sporadically for me for a while, and i looked at Tailscale too. but i have to say, i haven’t figured Tailscale out yet. i’m reasonably savvy but their docs don’t click for me somehow. you use both Screens and Tailscale? Might I want both to help get through connections that Screens is having trouble with (macs behind bridged routers, etc)?

I use the two apps pretty differently. I mostly use Tailscale for being able to SSH into any machine on my little VPN from anywhere I happen to be, without going through the rigamarole of router configuration and port exposure. Screens I mostly use from within my house to connect to Macs I’m not currently on, in circumstances where I need more than just a Terminal connection. I understand Tailscale could be used for VNC type applications, but in my own workflow they don’t overlap.

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helpful perspective, thanks

I really enjoy your annual “favorites” posts. As with most years, I found the solution to a longstanding problem in your list: MacUpdater can update audio plugins (or at least tell you when they need to be manually updated). That was an instant purchase.

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Yep, it’s fantastic!