Digging into CurlyQ

I’m digging curlyq so far. Is this Mac-only or could it run on a Linux server? Does it require a GUI (to launch Firefox for instance)?

It should be cross-platform, but untested at this point. The scrape functionality only depends on having the requested browser (Chrome or Firefox) installed on the machine, but should be platform-agnostic.

Realizing I didn’t directly answer this part of the question. I honestly don’t know. When the scrape or screenshot commands run they actually pop up a browser window, so it’s not completely “headless.” I might at some point look into something more like Phantom that could do Chromium rendering without a window. For now I would guess that yes, a GUI is required for those particular commands (but none of the others), though I haven’t tested it out.

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CurlyQ was devised as web scraper specific for macOS, though being able to run it on Linux servers was not forgotten during its creation. It can do the job without a lot of graphic user interface (GUI) accouterment, especially when it’s running on a server command line environment. You can start Firefox without the GUI (Graphical User Interface) – meaning it works without the need for graphics; so it runs on servers without graphical user interfaces. Then you will be able to run the command as sudo under a shell on a Linux server (without using any GUI).

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