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Just a quick note to let everybody know that for various and sundry reasons, I had to change the domain from which notifications from this forum will originate. Previously you received notifications from “” and now you’ll get them from “”. Sorry for any mail system retraining you have to do.

(I didn’t get my credit card expiration notifications on the previous Mailgun account and they permanently closed the account, rendering the previous domain inaccessible. Despite catching up on payments, they are entirely unable to re-open a closed account, which seems like a problem. So I had to create a new account with an email alias and add a new domain. Many DNS settings later, here we are.)


Happy to have notifications back!

Ah that sucks from MG. I swear, expiring credit cards cause so many unnecessary issues.

Surely credit card companies want us to spend our money, why do they even put expiry dates on the things?

Likewise for service providers, don’t they want an uninterrupted payment stream? I don’t see who benefits from expiry dates. It seems like a dated concept from the 70s or something. (I guess that’s the whole credit card system…)

I don’t understand why all the big soulless money corporations haven’t got together and abolished the expiry dates.

I actually use PayPal for as many recurring bills as I can, for this reason. Though as I’m not a huge fan of PayPal as a company, it has the great benefit that PayPal subs never expire as long as I maintain the underlying payment method on my PayPal account.

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