Hey users what are you "doing", probably a "bunch"?

I am Daniel and fell in love with Bretts apps, especially Bunch and doing! The thing is I am “Too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet”, so right now it is slipping more and more from my daily use… That is why I wanted to know, how are you using the tools and especially integrate it into your work day? Do you have configurations or automations triggering them?
Please enlight me and bring me back on track :slight_smile:

I’ll be curious to hear from others, but for me I have a default Git hook that gets added to all new repos, and when I make a commit, it logs it in Doing (in their own category). Then I have a central repository of all of my coding work that I can query and quantify using Doing’s various tools.

For Bunch I have a Stream Deck integration that gives me instant access to my most-used Bunches, but otherwise I trigger everything with the keyboard.