iTunesIcon updated

A long time ago I published a tool called iTunesIcon that would grab an app icon from iTunes. It worked well in its time, but has been mostly broken in recent years. It was designed mostly for writers who were reviewing apps and needed to get an app’s icon for artwork, but could be used by anyone with a need for such things.

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Hey @ttscoff - heads up that I had to change line 47 to get grabicon.rb to run for me on Sonoma 14.2.1 with Bash 5.2.26(1)-release. Not sure if it’s a me issue or more widespread.
The error was: grabicon.rb:47:in initialize’: undefined method =~' for false (NoMethodError)
The change was: !(@options[:platform] =~ /mac/i)

Thanks for building this! I still find your scripts to be the best way to grab app icons.

Thanks for the heads up. @options[:platform shouldn’t be set to false, so I need to actually track down where that’s happening. Will take a look when I can.

Exactly how are you running the script? I looked at the code and if no platform is specified, it should default to Mac, not false. Not sure how you’re getting there.

I wasn’t doing anything special, just grabicon.rb things @mac

I’ll try today on my personal system and see if I have the same issue.

okay maybe it’s something on my work system since it just ran fine on my personal system with the same config. sorry for the false alarm here

No problem. Guess you have a workaround now if you need it :slight_smile: