New Topics Issue

I noticed a bit of curious behavior. (Noticing things is my superpower!)

When in the “Topics” view, there is an erroneous message of the the form: “See N new or updated topics”. I noticed this yesterday evening and left the page up overnight. This morning the message read, “See 120 new or updated topics”, but when I clicked, there were but four new items. Here are screenshots.

120 new items, very exciting! :slight_smile:

Only 4, excitement subdued. :yawning_face:

Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

I think this is because I set up my blog to use Discourse for comments, so every time a new article gets a view, it generates a new post for it in the forum. They won’t show up as latest topics because they don’t actually have any comments on them yet. This will even out as most of the popular articles get their first views after adding the Discourse script.

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