No Cheaters discussion?

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I’m following the after downloading ttscoff-cheaters-2.1.2-2-gf322e58 , Created a new folder ‘cheaters’ in sync folder and created the app in Automator.

The result wasnt what I expected. index.html in /Users/[myusername]/Creative Cloud Files/Cheaters/index.html goes to the instruction page like the readme file and the instructions on GitHub and your website.

I set up the app with the other index.html-like html files and they show the menu up top but no content. I was expecting something more like index-example.html where I get what I expected:

The keyboard shortcuts work, however there’s a system-beep every press; the cheat sheets all load fine. Even search works…

I must have got something wrong. Aren’t the actual cheatsheets supposed to open from the index.html file in the top directory? And maybe this has something to do with it "To add a new sheet to the menu (or remove/rearrange existing sheets), just edit the unordered list in the #nav ul” ? And how do I edit the menu anyway?


For anyone curious, @stujumpsrope and I have been corresponding by email. I’ve uploaded a fix that prevents system beep when using bound shortcuts in things like a Shortcuts Web View or a BetterTouchTool HTML window.

The file structure for the downloaded contains the actual cheaters code in the /cheaters/ subdirectory. Editing index_local.html is how you would add a new cheatsheet that exists in /cheaters/cheatsheets/. The cheatsheet you add should not contain any style information, or html/body tags, only the content to be shown within the index page.

Thanks for the reference to cheaters. I use just a handful of notes as cheat sheets, but this looks like a nice lightweight solution. I might only need 10 cheat sheets to memorise new keyboard shortcuts or my new keyword structure.

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