Off the Clock Conf - a Virtual conference I feel everyone here would probably be a great speaker

A friend started this conference called Off the Clock Conf.

The best summary for this is “If you have a hobby that you couldn’t report on your taxes and you want to talk about it anyway, THIS IS YOUR CONFERENCE”

Would love some folks to share their General Nerdery with other folks!

Call For Proposals haven’t been made yet but I’m already so excited for this event (I hope to talk about all the things I’ve learned about brewing coffee 5 different ways)


Oh man, yeah, I’m betting people who join here definitely have some obsessions they could talk about.

Such a good idea for a conference. Reminds me a little of The Boring Talks

I’m only a good public speaker because I’m terrified of failing at it, so I might sit this one out.

thanks for the heads up Jay, this looks cool

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Not sure I’ll manage this but I would like to hear more about it and it sounds kind of fun and so all I’ll say here is that it’s definitely the kind of thing will likely bring me here. (Mastodon’s not doing it for me right now and I’ve got little else whether on or off-line now so this kind of thing gets a thumbs up.)

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Hm, I have now looked over the website. It looks great and I may sign up for the mailing list… One thing that jumped out at me is that it would be great if some of the entries could be licensed as Creative Commons or anti-copyright in some way since this is a community thing and explicitly not about grifting or making money… Videos for the conference could have an afterlife on Peertube, the Internet Archive and elsewhere and, if licensed permissively, could be remixed… Just a thought.

If I were to talk about something, it would likely be my obsession with Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, his life and work.