Safari alternatives, convince me?

I have defaulted to Safari on MacOS forever. I use Chrome quite a bit for specific sites (work). I have recently had short 1-4-week-long affairs with Edge, Arc, and Orion. I like them, but can’t find a reason to switch long term. Yes, some things are quite a bit better. But with Wipr and 1Password extensions, Safari is so much easier for almost everything…

So what am I missing?

I’ve been using Chrome and now Arc since forever. There is a 1Password extension for Chrome (and it’s Chromium-derivatives like Arc) also, which works just fine. Also using uBlock origin to block every ad and more. I’m not sure what the introduction of Manifest V3 is going to bring, since uBlock origin won’t be able to do it’s work as good as it is now. So maybe I will switch to Firefox.

Why do you say Safari is so much easier for ‘everything’? What is ‘everything’?

I’m not sure what you are searching for, so also not sure what you are missing… :grinning:

I’ve tried most of the desktop browsers out there over the year, but like you @dansteeves68 I’m currently sticking with Safari.

The only thing that would get me to switch at this point would be if a majority of the sites I regularly use were to only work with Chromium-based browsers — something I pray will never come to pass!

I really want to like Firefox, but I don’t have much faith in Mozilla’s management these days. :frowning:

I wouldn’t install Chrome again even if Google paid me, my dislike of them is that intense.

Arc is interesting, but I have misgivings about putting my trust into the hands of The Browser Company.

Of all the Chromium-based browsers, Vivaldi was the one that I genuinely liked & enjoyed using, but it has had reliability issues on Mac in the past.

In all honesty, I don’t feel any FOMO about not use the ‘coolest’ browser with the whizziest features — as long as it does what I want when I want it, and stays out of my way the rest of the time, I’m happy.

Easier for “everything” is mostly these three things…

  • Most reliable 1Password plugin, and it works pretty well with 1P’s Quick Access
  • Alfred Bookmarks integration
  • Two-factor code integration with Messages

I do suffer from the FOMO. :).

I have no problems with the 1P extension in Chrome/Arc/Edge (and other derivatives).

Alfred Bookmarks also work with Chrome.

I don’t use Messages, so can’t comment on that.

Just use what you’re comfortable with, you’ll be fine. :smiley: