SearchLink Fixes

SearchLink 2.3.50 is out and contains fixes for some recent changes in DuckDuckGo’s responses. It currently passes all tests except for one (TMDB is returning a movie for the search result “Brad Pitt”, rather than the actor page, and when I add “actor” to the search it dumps out to IMDB, which I don’t fully understand).

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I didn’t know that SearchLink was open source!! Now I need to think of a plugin that doesn’t exist already.

I am constantly trying to figure out new plugins, now that it’s pluggable it’s so easy to add things… I just ran out of APIs to query :). Let me know what you think of!

I think the computer doesn’t reguard Mr Pitt to be an actor

I was wondering if Homebrew could maybe somehow be convinced to install macOS Services? I already tapped ttscoff/thelab to install/update gather CLI. If there was a way to retrieve Markdown Service Tools and SearchLink from there, my life would be marginally easier! :sweat_smile:

Seems feasible. I’ll have to look into it!

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