Sometimes Apps In A Bunch Don't Launch

Sometimes apps in a Bunch don’t launch, and I can’t figure out why. To resolve the issue, I have to restart my Mac Studio. The apps start normally when I’m simply launching apps via Alfred, Karabiner Elements or Keyboard Maestro but not when a Bunch launches.

It’s very frustrating because I hate working with a block system, like Keyboard Maestro when I have text available to me.

Has anybody experienced this issue? Is there a fix for the problem? Also, this specific Work Bunch contains the following:

  • Safari URLs launch (Does Launch)
  • Slack (Does NOT Launch)
  • WhatsApp (Does NOT Launch)
  • Drafts (Does NOT Launch)
  • iTerm2 (Does NOT Launch)
  • Skype (Does NOT Launch)
  • Visual Studio Code (Does NOT Launch)

Short answer, whenever items do not launch in one of my Bunch files, it is usually
because I have done something incorrectly. But there are some applications, Preview
for example, which do not behave as one might expect.

As to the specific applications mentioned, I do not use WhatsApp, Drafts, nor Skype,
but the other applications all launch without issue for me.

Finally, it is best practise to provide environment info when asking for tech support,
including Mac Model (you mention Mac Studio, but not which generation), macOS version, and Bunch version, along with what steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue (so folks don’t suggest things you’ve already tried). It would also be helpful to include your Bunch file for others to review.


I didn’t even think to include system info. Here it is:

Model Name: Mac Studio
Model Identifier: Mac14,13
Model Number:
Total Number of Cores: 12 (8 performance and 4 efficiency)
Memory: 32 GB
System Firmware Version: 10151.101.3
OS Loader Version: 10151.101.3
Chipset Model: Apple M2 Max
Total Number of Cores: 38
System Version: macOS 14.4.1 (23E224)
Kernel Version: Darwin 23.4.0
System Integrity Protection: Enabled

title: Work setup
toggles: True
open on: MTWThF 7:55am
close on: MTWThF 5:00pm
sequence: sequential

* Amphetamine4Wake.scpt
(pause 3) ~3 ~6 ~9 ~12

{^2} ~15 ~20 ~25

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Comms" ~35

{^3} ~45 ~55

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Drafts" ~65
{^4} ~75 ~85

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Gmail" ~95

{^5} ~105 ~115

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Fantastical" ~125

{^6} ~135 ~145 ~155
Visual Studio ~163

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Float" ~165

{^1} ~168

* say "good morning A.B." ~175

But the Bunch file really doesn’t matter. When the machine is in the ‘midst of the issue.’ A lot of apps just won’t start.

title: Video Recording
toggles: True
sequence: sequential
(wallpaper ~/Pictures/AppleBuddahWallpaper.jpg)
(hide desktop)
(pause 5)

Wouldn’t it be better to pack all the partial scripts into snippets and avoid “sequential”? You will also save yourself a lot of waiting time.
I prefer to use keyboardmaestro or hammerspoon to customise all the window sizes and I can do it with them in one go.

I’d love to use Hammerspoon and do for regular window movements, but I’m not sure of a way to save “window layouts” especially when using different spaces with Hammerspoon.

I haven’t used Snippets in Bunch, but I’ll look into it.