Tending to existing projects, any requests?

I have hit a slow period in my job and find myself tinkering with existing projects. Anyone have any requests on where I put this energy? I want to update Cheaters for the modern age, possibly making a self-contained app for it, but I kinda think Dash does a killer job and I’d just be reinventing the wheel (and I already made a Markdown-to-Dash tool). I adore projects like NiftyMenu but they have a very limited audience and other than updating styling for new OSs, they don’t need much attention.

So if you have feature requests for any of my existing projects, from Doing to Bunch to Marked to any of my dozens of CLI tools, let me know. I might even be willing to pull older projects out of retirement. I sure would like Slogger to work again…

(I know you want nvUltra done. So do I. But the way Fletcher and I have split up the code, he’s protected access to the main text editor engine and I can’t do much beyond adding shortcuts at this point. It’s 90% ready to go but still has some bugs, and I’m entirely dependent on him to fix them, and he’s juggling a new kid and a day job as an ER doctor.)


Agree about Dash and I wouldn’t spend time on Cheaters.

I sent you a note several days ago about my Mac OS upgrade to Sanoma breaking my HYPER Key which I had set up via Better Touch Tool. Don’t know if the BTT Developer has fixed the problem yet; however, I found SuperKey. It does more than set up the HYPER key, including allowing me to quickly tap Caps Lock and the key reverts to its original purpose.

You responded that you were still using the method described in your original post and you were having no problems with Hyper Key set up your way. I suggest you add an addendum to your Hyper Key Project talking about Super Key.

Can’t wait for the results of your collaboration with Flecher.

I’ll add the note. I did mention Super Key in Web Excursions because it looks cool, but I haven’t run into any problems using Karabiner (yet).

Support for a query with a combination of keywords and headings in Snibbets would be nice.

The hyper key with karabiner works without issues.

It doesn’t do that already?

I want an automation or shortcut that will text someone if I don’t respond to an alarm I’ve set on my iPhone. (I’d need to either snooze or stop the alarm to prevent the text from going out.) Do you have anything like that already built in your existing projects?