What are your Desk speakers?

What does everyone have sat on their desks for audio enjoyment ?

I’ll start… This year finally splurged and bought a pair of Kef LSX II and so glad. Pricey but so good.

I use Audioengine’s A5+ along with their separate S8 Wireless Subwoofer.

I am very happy with the setup.

I use the Audioengine A2s (bought in the pre-A2+ era, so no Bluetooth for me, but I can live with that).

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On my desk, M-Audio AV 40 .

Next to my desk, Vandersteen Model 2.

The former used for computer audio, zoom calls, and such. The latter used for music airplayed from my Mac to my receiver.

I’m using a pair of IK Multimedia iLoud MTMs. Pretty solid sounding speakers for their size, and if I ever wanted to do any sort of dolby surround music sort of thing they seem prime for buying a bunch of them.

Also have the Audioengine A2+, great speakers.

I’m an outlier. I do audio/podcast production and have a pair of Yamaha studio monitors mounted on wall mounts above my desk, angled so I get the best sound field I can achieve in my non-baffled office. They’re like $250 a piece, but they sound great.

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Nothing fancy here. I picked up a set of discontinued Altec Lansings on sale for about $25 maybe a decade ago. With two satellites and a sub, they still work great for me!

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some Alacrity Audio Caterthun 6s speakers and a Fosi Audio (class d) amp

very happy with the combination.

(I typically pair it up with a raspberry Pi & IQaudio DAC running Roon).

  • I had been playing Music direct from the Mac (which had pro’s and Con’s)
  • but switched when Audirvana went subscription (shortly after paying for a version upgrade)
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