Do you actually use any of my tools? Which one(s)?

I know from download stats and RubyGems analytics that a lot of people use my tools, but I’m curious how many people on this forum actually do. If so, what tool(s) have sparked your interest? Which ones would you like to see developed further? I tend to code on whatever interests me at the time, only going back to older projects when bugs come up or someone makes an intriguing feature request…

Nowadays mostly just Bunch but that’s because my brain has been trying to avoid tinkering.

So you mean I have to search for bugs so that development continues with certain apps …

I use Searchlink, Bunch, Keybindings, mdless, na, snibbets, popclipextensions and a few fish_files every day.
I even found some retired projects like Vitag and Popclipbuilder interesting. Somewhere I found an old script to export Taskpaper to Reminders. I took part out of it to export na-tasks (@remind) in Markdown to Reminders.
My open project is building a tool based on a plugin in Searchlink and I wanted to improve a shortcut using Gather CLI.

Marked 2, PopClip extensions (especially Markdownify), Make A Date (for KM), Markdown Service Tools, mdless, nvUltra, snibbets…

  • Marked 2, - all the time!
  • NVultra (and previously NValt, although having understood some of the thinking beginning to do my own thing via BBedit & Houdahspot). "Hear"ing your thought processes was great!
  • Popclip extensions
  • keyboard Maestro extensions - you probably deserve commission
  • I looked at “quick question” and have cobbled together “Where did I put” using bbedit, Alfred and some saved Houdahspot

I “found” you via some articles about going paperless, a lot of what you wrote about Markdown PDF and not getting locked in strongly influenced my thinking (especially as I moved away from Evernote)

I use nvAlt every day (nvUtra’s keyboard shortcuts just don’t give me the same flow that nvAlt does), almost all of my writing is via it (Day One gets my more typical journal entries and photos). Also Marked 2. QuickQuestion, although i just mostly have a bunch of text files using the format, and search in nvAlt now. Markdown Service Tools to help with cut-n-paste or url-formatting.

Can you elaborate on this for me?

You know I want to see this when it’s ready :smile:

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Command-J and Command-K, to move up and down in the document-list are missing – you have to use the arrow keys. This takes my hands off the home row and slows things down, makes me think about what i have to do… it is just a small annoyance which makes using nvUltra a no go. I am willing to admit that i have years and years of muscle memory invested in nvAlt, and i’m a grumpy old man now, so getting me to change a daily use tool has a very high bar. Everything else is good in nvUltra, i really like the preview and editing panels, and multi-folder support.

We used those particular keys for text editing features, but ctrl-n and control-p will navigate the list without having to focus it. Of course, that means that emacs keybindings don’t work in the editor, but we haven’t had too many complaints about that.

Because these keys are defined in the menu system, you can also remap them to ⌘J/K in System Settings.

What gets me and I haven’t been able to get used to is that if you’re typing in the omni field and it completes an existing filename, and then you hit return, it creates a new file named with only what you’ve typed rather than editing the one it autocompleted. Tab works and does what you’d expect, but that’s some muscle memory I’ve never been able to override. I see the filename I want and I hit enter. Then I have a poorly named file that I have to focus in the list and delete.

I also miss the tagging HUD that nvALT had. And I recall file renaming being more fluid than it is in nvUltra, but these are things I don’t have the power to change. Hopefully we can create a better tagging system in 2.0, but the catch is that we sync textual metadata to system tags, and modifying just the system tags on a note would require adding/editing the metadata to a note, which is a sticky situation.

Anyway, I don’t think nvUltra is perfect, nor a 1-1 replacement for nvALT (which is why I tried for a very long time to come up with a name that was less tied to nvALT, but it’s hard to find concession when there are two strong personalities involved). But I think it’s better than nvALT in quite a few ways, starting with being able to have multiple notebooks and easily switch between them, then the nested foldering, then the better Markdown preview with sync scrolling, then the improved Markdown editing shortcuts and features. Given nvALT has a very limited lifespan at this point (I doubt it will continue working after the next OS upgrade), I think nvUltra is a reasonable replacement (as is The Archive and FSNotes, so nobody is out of luck entirely).

my most used tools:

  • doing
  • na
  • marked
  • nvultra

i’m the silly guy who asked you to be able to use “na” with a single taskpaper file. Thanks to na I can use alfred and a script to take mix and edit notes I keep in Pro Tools and export them to a taskpaper file. I have alfred copy timecode and the note – and a handy script pases them to na and subsequently taskpaper. I rely on it for every project I work on.

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So only @rhsev is using Gather at all? I was hoping that would see wider adoption as I haven’t been able to put any time into fixing Marky the Markdownifier ( for a while now…

Overall this is a very heartening thread. I must just not hear a lot because stuff is working :).

Oh i’m sure that auto-complete thing would hit me too. I never got into the built-in tagging system in nvAlt, i just added classic “#hashTag” to the text itself and then used the omni-bar to find things. And of course nvUltra just isn’t nvAlt, which is fine! I also think its better than nvAlt, especially, for me, in the rendering of the non-previewed notes, but also the preview. And folders. I’m just holding on till i am forced to switch :). I think Obsidian is another interesting tool, that i’ve also been playing with, but it might be too heavy after the svelteness of nvAlt/nvUltra.

Hey Brett - I am a gather-cli user!..just not a daily forum reader :wink:

Short version: no issues at present (after I figured out how to best configure to route content into my Obsidian vault properly).

Great to hear! If you have any feature requests or run into problematic pages, let me know :).

Bunch - everyday I use my Mac.

Have you or @kjaymiller noticed any issues lately where Bunches take way too long to execute? I got a complaint about it months ago but couldn’t replicate, but then this week started having Bunches pause for 30-60 seconds before opening everything.

As a general rule I have not. I have on occasion seen such behavior, but it was always something with the target app (or me doing something wrong).

I’ll be on the lookout though, and report back if warranted.

@ttscoff Update (the next day :slight_smile: ) :

As usual I ran my Morning Bunch this morning. It launches eight apps, two websites, one Music playlist, turns on desktop speakers and power to my work laptop (via Shortcuts), runs a couple of simple Applescripts.

It ran with no delay what so ever. :slight_smile:

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I use Bunch everyday. I barely scratch the surface of it’s power, but it’s a great help to me in avoiding distractions when I want to focus on a particlar task or group of tasks.