I kinda wanna know about your pet(s)

I love love love hearing about people’s pets. I know it’s not necessarily a geek conversation, but this forum allows for pics and I put no limits on what we can talk about, so let me introduce my family.

This is Nobody Owens. She was found in a cemetery all alone, and we took her temporarily over the weekend until the humane society opened. I immediately decided we were keeping her. We had just lost a kitten a while before, and having already made the decision to add a cat to the household but then having him tragically taken from us, we were ready to open our hearts to a new cat. She’s named after the main character from The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

This is Lulu, our little mutt, with me, Bod, and Yeti (who recently passed). Lulu is a huge pain in the ass, but we love her.

We recently added 2 MORE cats to the home, Morris and Richard. They’re getting used to the new place, but they’re getting along great with Bod and are delightful brothers.

Show me yours!


We just got a new one last week. So hello to Trouble!

Sometimes my old pal Fireball gets a little jealous though!


My first cat after moving away from home was named Trouble. We found her in the gutter outside a strip club. She had broken ribs, mites, fleas, and god knows what else. The manager of Little Tijuana (Minneapolis dive restaurant) was kind enough to pay the vet bills for her. She was an awesome cat, but I forgot to spay her. She gave birth to 6 kittens in my closet, and then died defending them from a pit bull someone brought into our home. I cared for those kittens myself until we found homes for them, carrying them to art school classes in a cardboard box, feeding them with a bottle, and wiping their little butts to make them poop after every meal. I really loved Trouble and all the trouble she caused.


Cats. Obviously.

  • On the left: until my divorce, we had Cetli (Hungrian for “Post It”), or, as I used to call her, Agent C.
  • On the right: since I moved to my new flat, I have the neighbour’s cat, Zizi (Hungarian for “Sappy”).

I love them both.


Obviously. I mean, I love dogs, and I’ve had a good number of them, but cats, man.

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:)))))) – well, I’m a cat’s man.

Current crew:

  • Pepper: Smallish lab-mix, 3yo.
  • Cricket: Calico cat, 12yo.
  • Griffin: Tabby cat, 9yo-ish.

We also foster kittens for the Humane Society, so often have 2-4 other kittens around for shorter periods of time.

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We’ve been fostering with the intention of adopting but looking for the right fit. We’re on round two but I think we’re keeping these two :slight_smile:


Lots of cat people here. We have two dogs, Coco and Rose. We adopted Coco when she was 5 months old, she’s now 10 years old. She comes from a shelter in Bulgaria.

Rose was adopted when she was 4 years old. At that time she had been living in a field for 3 years, together with her daughter and her granddaughter. She comes from Romania, she’s 7 years old now.

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I consider myself a cat person first, but a dog person is a close second. I miss my pit bull.

Any love for rodents here? :eyes:


I have loved a few rats in my life, and have been told I really should get a guinea pig. The idea is interesting to me…

They say you should get two – they are definitely social creatures. The sibling of ours died a few years ago , but this guy and our dog seem to get along (with a cage wall between them!). They sometimes sniff noses through the bars, play a weird game of chase where the Guinea pig runs around his cage wildly and the dog barks furiously, and have even eaten the same piece of hay, Lady and the Tramp style.

One warning: it’s really hard to tell males from females. I’ve heard a lot of stories of people getting two of one sex, only to discover a litter of babies.

On the plus side: super friendly, not particularly nocturnal (unlike hamsters) and pretty easy to take care of.

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These two dofusses are great. Tesla is the black and white cat. He’s about 10, we got him six years ago. Ichigo is the orange one. He’s only six we got him about two weeks before Tesla. They get along pretty well, especially now they have the common enemy in the toddler who wants to hug them at every turn.

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OH MY GOD SO FURRY! I love them.

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We just lost our dog of ten years Buffy the vampire slayer. However we have been blessed with a new rescue dog. She’s Lily our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We e only had her for a week; so we are all just getting to know us.

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So sorry about Buffy. Lily looks adorable and I hope she can start to fill the void!

I don‘t have a cat of my own. But this is our resident therapist cat. He‘s making his rounds in our house at least twice a day and interrupts whatever stupid things humans are considering worth their attention at the moment. He has a few different names, many call him Fritz. We have this routine that I have to carry him down two flights of stairs to his primary food provider at least once a day. It‘s part of his therapeutic concept. It‘s working.

My favourite topic! :heart_eyes_cat:

This is my two cats: Felix (the white/red) and Freja. They are siblings and three years young. The funny thing is that I have teach them the clock - if I tell them to be home no later then 17, they mostly are. :joy_cat:


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I love it! I consider pets to be great therapy…

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